Monday, March 23, 2009

imagination.... I wish I had one like hers.

Avery has an amazingly creative imagination. She believes that she is Lightning McQueen. She also believes that Cohen is Mr. The King. She role plays as a race car for huge chunks of the day, but today, she turned into that little girl who imagines her family. Today, Mr. The King wasn't a racing competitor... Mr. The King was her husband. I went out into the playroom because I heard her singing a lullaby to what I thought was her dolls. But it was to Cohen. She had him tucked under a blanket, and laying on a large floor pillow, and was singing to him.
The song went something like this... (to the tune of Lullaby & Good Night)
"close your eyes. Go to sleep. You are tired and sleepy. Close your eyes, close your eyes. Layyyyy down on the floor."
then she started to sing about a spoon...... Whatever.
she is currently reading him a bedtime story, and when that is done, she just informed me that they are going on a holiday.
Ahhhh the life......

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Martha said...

And those are moments to remember. So sweet.