Sunday, March 1, 2009

Layouts for Jani (68 & 69)

so here are a few more layouts I finished for my sister's China album. The Good Fortune one is a Monday Night Class kit, and it is perfect for this trip. She is going to journal about how she and Rob had the good fortune to be able to go on this trip, and to have it paid for them! (At least, I think she is going to journal....she'd better, after all the cutting and adhering I am doing for her!) I laughed at her the other day because she was getting overwhelmed just picking out pictures for me to scrapbook! She couldn't understand how to group them, what to pick, what to write about. She isn't cut out for this scrapbooking stuff. Good thing I am caught up enough to do this for her. And I am enjoying it. I think that I can scrapbook faster when it isn't my own album. It isn't that I care less about her album than I do mine, but I know that she isn't going to go over it all with a fine tooth comb and look for errors. so there is no stress because there are no expectations. Now... how do I apply that same thing to my own pages??

The Made in China is a catchy little title from Haley.... Haley who doesn't insist on a title came up with a pretty decent one! This is their trip to the Great Wall. Janelle says that you can't fathom how huge it is until you start to walk it. Then you start to think how much manpower went into such a project. Amazing.

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